Why are more test takers choosing PTE?


PTE is accepted for student and migration applications across the world. In addition to its unbiased approach to testing, the test has many unique advantages.

Artificial intelligence


You are graded on your exam, and not your appearance.

Unbiased scoring


The PTE test only takes what you say into consideration, and nothing else matters.

Flexible testing & fast results


The PTE offers you results within 48 hours, allowing you to move forward as quickly as possible.

Multiple Test Locations


Unlimited acceptance for study & migration applications


PTE is accepted by thousands of academic programs and workplaces around the globe.

About the Test


The English Language Mastery offers you PTE exam preparation and online tutoring. Based in Melbourne, we focus on aspects that matter the most. PTE is accepted for migration and student
applications around the world, offering you an edge over other applicants. To help you achieve the perfect score we focus on your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Taking on tried and tested methods that can help you achieve your goal in no time.


What Students Say



Fantastic teaching! Great instructor!

The updated teaching methods by ELmastery along with the small-sized batches have helped me get my desired my score, that too in less than 4 weeks. I would highly recommend ELM to everyone reading this!

Karan Singh

I enjoyed studyingin microbatches

The teaching strategies are just too good!! Especially the small batches, which make it a lot easier to clear doubts and questions freely!

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