There are many core English skills that are required for the PTE Academic. The writing questions in the test require spelling, grammar, and vocabulary skills in order to score well. In addition to this, you will need to understand written discourse.


Written Discourse

The organisation, coherence, logical progression, and breadth of language resources in a written document are all aspects of written discourse. Grammar and vocabulary, as well as the range of grammatical structures and vocabulary employed in your writing, are referred to as linguistic resources. To get the most marks in this section, you must demonstrate a wide range of various grammatical structures and terminology employed appropriately.

The Write Essay question type is the only one that is graded on written discourse abilities.

The Produce Essay question type demands test takers to write an argument essay that develops one side of the debate. The PTE Academic does not feature expository, discursive, or problem-solving essays. It’s a good idea to look at an example essay to get a sense of how to arrange your own.

You must demonstrate critical thinking abilities and the ability to relate ideas logically in this question type. Decide which side of the issue you will write about before you begin, and make a strategy for your essay.

To get the most points, make sure your essay follows the usual structure of an introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

To make your essay more coherent, provide a distinct subject phrase at the beginning of each body paragraph. The primary topic of the paragraph is summarised in these sentences. Include no examples, explanations, or facts to back up your claims.

It’s critical to ensure that your writing is coherent. Use connecting words and phrases, often known as cohesive devices, to accomplish this. Cohesive devices assist the reader understand the connections between your thoughts.

Use examples and explanations from your own expertise or experience in your body paragraphs. To aid reinforce your case, you may also incorporate supporting evidence from facts you already know.

Also, use sentences like In addition to…, Another compelling case for…, and so on to conne your body paragraphs.