About the Elmastery


About Us

The English Language Mastery offers you PTE exam preparation and online tutoring. Based in Melbourne, we focus on aspects that matter the most. PTE is accepted for migration and student
applications around the world, offering you an edge over other applicants.

To help you achieve the perfect score in no time, we focus on your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills by taking on
tried and tested methods that helps thousands of PTE aspirants every year!


Why Us?


One on One Tutoring – Allows us to focus on just one candidate at a time, catering to your unique needs; by focusing on aspects you lack in the most.

Test Accuracy – We offer you free practice tests that contain 80% of the same questions you
will face in your official PTE exam. This way you can practice and perfect your answers for the
actual test.

Flexible Timings –Working around a schedule is not an issue, allowing you to focus on other
aspects of your life.

Live Sessions – Our live sessions enable students to learn from experience, rather than taking
on just videos. Here we encourage students to ask questions and build on confidence.

Why Should You Take PTE?


AI (Artificial Intelligence) – You are graded on your exam, and not your appearance.

Unbiased – The PTE test only takes what you say into consideration, and nothing else matters.

Fast Results – The PTE offers you results within 48 hours, allowing you to move forward as quickly as possible.

Acceptance – PTE is accepted by thousands of academic programs and workplaces around the world.

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