Describe Image- The most challenging exercise in the PTE Academic?

A random image/graph is displayed on the screen, and you get only 25 seconds to study it and then talk about it for the next 30-40 seconds! It is not the easiest task to do, and in fact, a lot of students find it to

During the Test

Starting The Test ●     The test administrator will take you to the test room, and assign you a seat. Your seat comes with a computer, along with headphones, a mic, an erasable booklet, and two pens. You can start taking notes when your test starts. ●     Once

How to Ace Each Section and Ensure an 83+ Score

  Things aren’t the way they were before. A score of 79+ is no longer sufficient to equate to 8 bands from the IELTS perspective.  In this post, we’ll go through some tips and strategies which will help you with your PTE Academic. Scoring more

Working on Perception & Analysis

  Perception English may not be your first or second language, but keep in mind that it is one of the easiest languages to master. Once you convince yourself, you will be able to achieve the impossible. When working on your PTE keep in mind

Mastering the PTE Read Aloud

In this PTE speaking test task, you are asked to read a text aloud from the computer screen. You have 30–40 seconds to prepare, and the recording time depends on the length of the text. You will see a recording status box that shows a

How to Ace Re-order Paragraphs?

The text boxes in the left panel have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order by dragging the text boxes from the left panel to the right panel. 1)     There is no reason to believe that this pace with slacken. 2)     The world population

Summarize Written Text

Eight Do’s and don’ts to effectively summarize the written text   Keep your response concise It is difficult to construct a single sentence, which is around 75 words long and yet grammatically correct. Play it safe and keep it between 45 and 50 words.  

Read this 56 Days before your PTE Academic Examination

It is recommended for every first-time candidate to spend at least 56 days (8 Weeks) preparing for the PTE Academic Examination. The following 8 strategies will form the basis of your 8-Week study plan. 1)  Familiarise Yourself with the Examination Tasks Find out about the examination

Summarize the Spoken Text essentials (as reviewed by the best PTE courses online)

Predominantly a listening exercise, Summarize Spoken Text (SST) questions in the PTE Academic Examination carry a significant weightage of the writing segment as well. Traits scored in this exercise are content, form, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. On average, every test has 2-3 SST questions. The

Re-tell Lecture

The PTE Academic exam contains question types that mimic real life situations faced by people studying or working in an English environment. One of the most interesting question types in the Speaking section of PTE is the PTE Re-tell Lecture question type. Imagine you are