To answer the questions in Part 1 of the PTE Academic test to the best of your ability, you’ll need certain skills.

We’ve compiled some pointers on how to practise and enhance your fundamental skills.



Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, and Re-tell Lecture questions all need oral fluency.

We urge that you speak English as often as possible before your test to enhance your oral fluency. Join an English-speaking group or take a short course if you don’t know anyone who speaks English.

We recommend that you begin reading, listening, and writing in English as soon as possible after booking the exam.

Record yourself and listen back to see where you need to improve if you’re having problems speaking too slowly or too quickly. Use EL Mastery’s AI tool to assess your fluency in accordance to the PTE Academic. 

Tiny Texts may also be used to help you enhance your speaking skills. Read the material aloud to yourself, then listen to a tape while reading and try to read at a comparable tempo afterwards.



The Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, and Re-tell Lecture question types all demand pronounciation abilities.

To perform well on the PTE Academic, you do not need to speak English like a native speaker. However, you must employ a pronunciation that is understandable to a native English speaker.

This means you must ensure that your vowel and consonant sounds are pronounced correctly with the relevant words in a native-like manner. To express meaning, you must also apply the appropriate sentence emphasis. Use EL Mastery’s AI tool to check your pronunciation in accordance to the PTE Academic. 



Answer Short Question is the only question type in the speaking segment that will demand good vocabulary abilities.

Keeping a vocabulary notebook to use as your own personal dictionary is the simplest approach to enhance your vocabulary. When you hear or see a new term, write it down along with its definition and use it in a sentence.