Re-tell Lecture

The PTE Academic exam contains question types that mimic real life situations faced by people studying or working in an English environment. One of the most interesting question types in the Speaking section of PTE is the PTE Re-tell Lecture question type. Imagine you are […]

Summarize Written Text

Eight Do’s and don’ts to effectively summarize the written text   Keep your response concise It is difficult to construct a single sentence, which is around 75 words long and yet grammatically correct. Play it safe and keep it between 45 and 50 words.   […]

During the Test

Starting The Test ●     The test administrator will take you to the test room, and assign you a seat. Your seat comes with a computer, along with headphones, a mic, an erasable booklet, and two pens. You can start taking notes when your test starts. ●     Once […]