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Optimally Sized Batches Small sized batches which allow us to, in a more efficient way, keep a track of your performance as the course progresses.
Alumni Support Prefer undivided attention? Set up a one on one with us at any stage and have all your difficulties simplified!
Updated Material We regularly update our practice material and add new questions every week.


PTE Academic Essentials

Spoken English – The test will determine your listening, understanding, and speaking abilities by playing a few English phrases.The audio/video clip cannot be played twice. Speak clearly into your microphone, as you can only do it once. Speak at a normal pitch for the best results. Your ability to speak will have an impact on your final score.
Written English – The test focuses on your written skills, and you may use British or American English to answer.Choose British or American English, and be as consistent as possible. There is a set time for you to get through the written section. Once the time is up it will automatically take you to the next question. Asking For Help – If you require any assistance please raise your hand and wait for an administrator. Help is provided for the following issues: Hardware/software issues. Requiring a new pen or notebook.
Break – You may choose to take a 10-minute break after the second section.
Finishing Your Test – Once you complete the test raise your hand and wait for the administrator to walk you through the final steps.


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